Junior Mission


Mission Purpose

We share in the corporate mission of the church: Up-Reach, In-Reach, Out-Reach.  We empty ourselves to this end.


Mission Prayer

Holy God, make us holy as you are holy. Jesus, seed in us each day a desire to serve You more than we can imagine possible in our own feeble strength. Take charge of the work of this ministry, so that in all things Jesus is glorified in all and through all that we do. Teach us how to go lower, love better, and look for ways to share in Your Kingdom work for this world.

We want to pray prayers like, “Send me, I’ll go!” And mean them.


Every sister is a thread in our story, and we thank you for so many beautiful strands in our lives. But we want to add and add and add until the day Your Angel sounds the trumpet.



Mission Plan

We are women pursuing our full potential in Christ Jesus through the work He has established in us beforehand, that we are created for good works. And we will walk in them (Ephesians 2:10)!


Advisor: First Lady, Ruthie Carter

President: Tamika Eason


Christian Resources


The Potter's Wheel


The Potter’s Wheel is a weekly posting that deals with all areas of our Christian tempest; to abandon our lives to the authority of the Potter Jesus and be shaped into what Christ intended from the beginning, His Beloved.

You will finds posts that are transparent and testimonial and that give voice to the wrestling we face every day as women.

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