Evangelism Outreach Ministry Challenge

We are inviting our church family to join us as we embark on a daily journey of Prayer

    Why are we praying?

     * For guidance and wisdom to better serve our Saviour

        Jesus Christ

     * That God will use us both individually and collectively as    

        instruments for His use and His glory

     * That His will be done in our lives

I. You Can Pray
    *About anything

II. Tell Him:
    *About your troubles or fears
    *About your dreams, hopes, and desires
    *About your failures and challenges

III. GOD Loves You:
    *Even before you were born GOD had a plan for you to become his      
      child (Ephesians 1:4)
    *He is able to keep you until you see him face to face (Jude 1:24)
    *He will complete a great work in you...be excited! (Phil. 1:6)
We find ourselves at different places on life's journey.  You may already practice your version of our Prayer Challenge.  If so, please continue and include us in your prayers.  For others, the challenge will provide a new opportunity to begin a journey of prayer; being consistent in having a daily talk with the LORD.